Leadership Foundations

This course is designed to examine basic leadership principles and how they can be applied to the leader’s environment.  Topics include, Leadership Styles and Theories, The Leadership Mindset, Ethical Challenges of Leadership, Management vs Leadership, Proactive Leadership Strategies.  

Leadership Booster Shots

This cost effective online training series is designed to deliver brief bi-monthly leadership concepts and encouragements to individual leaders or organizations. Each “booster shot” comes with a leadership lesson and self reflective questions for the learner. This program can be customized for a specific individual or organization. 

Transformational Leadership

Transformational Leadership theory is presented along with its application to leaders at each level of the organization.  This seminar includes a leadership assessment and personal development planning for attendees.  The full range of leadership behaviors is discussed and applied to the leader’s particular situation.  The goal of this training program is to develop the individual leader as well as equip the leader with strategies to develop the next generation of leaders in the organization.