Jesse Davidson is a retired Naval Nuclear Limited Duty Officer with 23 years of military experience.  Starting as an enlisted sailor, Jesse worked his way up through the ranks to become a commissioned Naval Officer while serving on three Nuclear Fast Attack Submarines, one Aircraft Carrier and a Submarine Tender.  While serving in duty posts throughout the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, he has managed and led sailors in small and large working units while engaged in highly sensitive and complex Nuclear Naval Operations.  From major incidents like the USS Greeneville collision to the routine maintenance of a nuclear reactor, Jesse has learned valuable leadership lessons that he can share with you and your team.  Jesse currently works in the private sector and partnered with Greg Veitch to develop the DUTY FIRST LEADERSHIP Program.  He lives in Saratoga Springs, NY with his wife of 22 years, Joanna and their two children.

Tobi Kirschmann is a veteran DNA Analyst who worked in California DNA Databank for 10 years before moving to New York in 2017. She worked at NYSP Forensic Investigation Center for a year and a half before starting DNA Investigations, LLC, a company dedicated to bringing genetic genealogy knowledge and services to local law enforcement agencies. As part of the team of law enforcement personnel who worked on the Golden State Killer case, Tobi is passionate about the power of this new DNA tool and is dedicated to education law enforcement about the benefits of genetic genealogy in solving crimes. Tobi holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Humbolt State University and a Master’s degree in Chemistry from UC San Diego.

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